Best Cruises for Australians

We've been doing some analysis on some of the Most Popular Cruises our Australian customers like to book. What we're finding is that Cruisers really love the South Pacific Islands, Hawaii, Cruises including Asia, Cruises to Queensland, and Shorter Themed Cruises such as the Food & Wine and Comedy Cruises. So what is the Best Cruise for you? Below we take a look into some of the Best Cruises to fulfill your needs and wants, taking into account budget, length, and inclusions.

South Pacific Cruises

A Cruise to the South Pacific ranks as the number one most popular Cruise choice for Australian travellers. The proximity to Australian ports is the obvious reason with daily Cruises departing from Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.

Pacific Island Hopper Cruises are usually short, well priced and packed with onboard entertainment. P&O's new White Party and other Entertainment options on all Cruises over 3 nights are an added incentive for Cruise go-ers.

Hawaii Cruises

Hawaii Cruises are also a very popular choice amongst Australians. If you're looking for the best cruise to Hawaii, take a South Pacific Cruise that also includes a Hawaii port.

Australian Coastal Cruises

Australian Coastal Cruises also rank amongst some of the Most Popular Cruises in Australia. Cruises travel up the East Coast of Australia on the Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns route. These types of cruises are relatively cheap and great for quick getaways for special occasions or travels with friends and loved ones.

Cruises to Queensland

Queensland Cruises are a popular choice for Australian travelers particularly those wanting to escape the cold weather from the South. Cruises from Melbourne and Sydney travel up the east Coast and dock in ports such as Moreton Island, Sunshine Coast, Hamilton Island, Airlie Beach, Cairns & Port Douglas. Queensland Cruises are popular for Families and Couples.

Themed Cruises

Due to the growing number of Cruise customers in Australia, Cruise Liners have expanded their offerings of various Themes and Entertainment options onboard.

Food and Wine Cruises operated by P&O offer some fantastic inclusions such as Celebrity Chefs onboard, Master Classes, Beer, Wine and Cheese Tasting and Barista Demonstrations/Classes.

Comedy Cruises alike rank high with Australian travellers where you can enjoy the fun and excitement of a cruise along with being entertained by Comedians onboard.

Cruises to Asia

with Asia at such a relatively short distance, a Cruise to Asia is a great way to broaden your horizons beyond Australia. Some of the Best Asian Cruises sail through to popular Asian routes into Bali and Indonesia and onwards to Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong. Still priced affordable, these Cruises can be a great way to kick off your Asian holiday whilst enjoying the best of cruise life.

Best Cruise Liners in Australia

According to our statistics P&O has the Best and Most popular Cruises in Australia, closely followed by Carnival and Princess Cruises.

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