All Cabins will have their own private ensuite facilities. This includes a shower, and/or bath, toilet, wash basin, mirror, towels, soaps, hair dryer, shampoos and conditioner. Basically the same as a standard hotel room.

The cabin will usually contain a TV (including in room movie channels), telephone, wardrobe facilities, safe and sofa / lounge area.

Cabins will be serviced daily by cabin attendant staff who are available to provide all the luxuries you require on your journey. This includes cleaning and turing down your bed while you are enjoying your dinner or a live show. The staff are fully trained and available to assist you in making sure your journey is as smooth as possible.

For most cruise ships, the short answer is 4 people. 4 people is usually the maximum number of people allowed in a cabin and these are known as "Quad Cabins". These cabins are a sensible choice due to lowering the cost for each person. Usually these cabins have 2 twin beds setup in the room and 2 extra beds are available to be folded down from the wall. If you are booking a Suite cabin, usually the 3rd and 4th person can be accommodated within a fold out sofa bed. This allows everyone to be comfortable with their sleeping arrangements and ensures the cabin is neat and tidy during the day.

So I guess it's first in best dressed, to see who reserves the best bed!

There is usually a few different types of cabins to choose on a cruise ship, however these differ depending on what ship you choose. The prices will differ depending on where the cabin is located and what amenities the cabin contains. For example, a cabin with no window will be cheaper than a cabin with a window.

There are usually 4 types of cabins to choose from when booking your cruise on a cruise ship. These are generally classed as:

  • Inside cabin - these are cabins that do not contain a window. Inside Cabins are usually the cheapest available options and are located in the interior hallway. The cabin is usually the same as the outside cabin, minus the window and hence a sensible chose for those on a budget.
  • Outside cabin - these are cabins usually the same size as the Inside cabin, however they will contain a window! This will allow you to see exactly what is going on outside and provide some natural light into the room. The Outside cabin is usually a litle more expensive than an Inside Cabin but may be worth it - if you like the feeling of a window in your room.
  • Balcony cabin - these are cabins with your very own private balcony. The floor size is usually the same as the inside cabin minus the balcony.
  • Suites - these are the most expensive cabins you can book on a cruise. They have their very own private balcony and contain extra features and an expansive size. The Suites are usually in high demand and are quick to sell out so it is advised to book early for these types of cabins.

Of course! There is a possibility that there may not be any cabins available, however if you are keen to make a booking, please enquire with our friendly travel experts and see you can make an appropriate booking. Sometimes booking at theLast Minutecan be beneficial to saving some money, however please be aware that leaving things at short notice may result in your ideal cabin not being available.

For more information have a look at our cruises available at the last minute

We recommend booking a cruise as soon as you have decided what you want to do. The reasons behind this are due to the possibility that your plans may come unstuck due to the inability to book certain rooms. If you leave it too late, we may not be able to accommodate all the people in a room and you may be forced to book extra rooms.

Booking a cruise one year out is not uncommon, so if you plan correctly you should be able to get exactly what you want.

There are also limited amounts of space for children onboard, due to the kids club only taking enough children it can cater for. If you plan to take a cruise during the school holidays, it is recommended that you book as early as you can, as there are many other people thinking the same thing and it is quite possible that the kids club will sell out early.

Booking "Last Minute Cruises" can be great, however you may not be rewarded with the best possible cabin. Planning is the key!

Basically it is best to book as soon as possible! With Crazy Cruises, you can enquire about a cruise at no charge and our friendly travel experts will guide you through the process and ensure your needs are catered for.

During a cruise there are numerous activites available at hand to amuse both you and your guests. During the evening there is usually a live show - these can differ from being a full on spectacular stage event, to a smaller intimate show featuring a comedian or entertainer.

During the day there are lots of other options available at hand including art, cooking and dance classes, trivia, movie showings, sports, and parties. The types of shows differ with each cruise line however there is normally a good amount of entertainment options for all ages.

If the ship has a Kids Club there are usually a number of staff on hand to assist and entertain the children.

The choice is really yours! If you would rather sunbake or read a book you can choose to do whatever you want. The idea of a cruise is to ensure everyone is entertained and happy doing what they like. Happy Cruising!

Cruising can be a great alternative to a standard land holiday as your fare include Accomodation, main meals and activities and entertainment. This can include live shows, demonstrations, classes etc. All the inclusions and fare costs are listed before booking your cruise. Extra expenses would include any airfares required, any drinks not included in the total cost, and any optional activites/excursions taken offshore. Because of the inclusions people tend to prefer cruising to a standard holiday due to everything being taken care of. You can just sit back and enjoy the ride!

The best thing about taking a Cruise, is that all your main meals are included in the price. Buffet meals and a la carte (ordering from a menu) options are available for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner. Similar to a Hotel breakfast there is typically alot of food options available to suit all tastes and appetites. The food is all chef prepared and would be served in any 4-5 star restaurant.

If you are concerned about what is available at other times of the day apart from Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, you can choose to include a specialty dining option so that you are able to eat 24 hours a day. There is usually a small fee added to your fare to include this as a typical option.

Cruise ships usually have a few different restaurants on offer to break the monotony and to suit different taste buds. For example a ship may have a Steak & Seafood restaurant, an Italian, and a Japanese Restaurant.

What you decide to bring on the cruise, depends entirely on yourself and the type of cruise you will be departing on. If you are going to warm beach destinations, you should take your swimming attire and light clothing. If you are travelling on a European River Cruise, you should bring more appropriate clothing for walking through city streets, and visiting tourist sights. You should also consider clothing appropriate for dining out in and attending live shows. Good footwear is recommended, as is headwear and sunglasses.

You should also consider bringing a camera, any toiletries, money / credit cards, and your passport.

Yes. Most cruises will require you to bring your passport with you as you will be arriving in foreign countries. Normal immigration procedures will apply upon arrival. If your cruise is not travelling to a foreign country (eg. a cruise only within Australia) you may not need it. It would be best to check the documentation you receive with your tickets, but if in doubt - take it!

Each cruise ship and cruise line has different rules regarding smoking on board a cruise ship. We all know the risks of smoking, however we understand this is still a habit enjoyed by many. Most cruise lines allow smoking in designated areas on the open decks. Many cruise ships have banned smoking in cabin balconies as there are risks of fire. If you do feel the need to smoke onboard, please ensure you are aware of your surroundings and respect other peoples health by not smoking in confined areas or around children.

Basically how much you tip (if at all), depends entirely upon your own personal opinion. However when taking this into account, you must consider that the employees on your cruise ship may be getting very little money for the good work that they do, and they may be relying entirely on your generosity to make a living. Employees however should not expect to be tipped, but instead offer a hospitable, high standard of customer service and generally in return - a tip is very much appreciated.

Lots of cruise liners add a suggested amount to your daily on board account. It is up to you to keep it included in your account, or you are able to ask that the purser removes this. If you do choose to add the suggested amount to your on board account, you can rest assured the tip is going towards the staff that need it. This is usually divided amongst your waiter, any assistant waiters, the cabin steward and maitre d'.

Some cruise lines leave an envelope in your cabin at the end of the cruise so you can leave behind an appropriate tipping amount. Also, some cruise liners allow you to prepay the tipping / gratuities amount before you leave. If you are unsure if you will have enough money at the end of the cruise, it may be best to prepay this amount to ensure this cost has been taken care of.

For the most part, the tipping culture is not meant to be uncomfortable. Do whatever fees appropriate for you and talk it over with your guest/partner. If you have had outstanding customer service and you want to give some money - great! If you have had terrible service and you don't think any amount is appropriate - don't.