What is inside the cabin?

All Cabins will have their own private ensuite facilities. This includes a shower, and/or bath, toilet, wash basin, mirror, towels, soaps, hair dryer, shampoos and conditioner. Basically the same as a standard hotel room.

The cabin will usually contain a TV (including in room movie channels), telephone, wardrobe facilities, safe and sofa / lounge area.

How many people can fit in a Cabin?

For most cruise ships, the short answer is 4 people. 4 people is usually the maximum number of people allowed in a cabin and these are known as "Quad Cabins". These cabins are a sensible choice due to lowering the cost for each person. Usually these cabins have 2 twin beds setup in the room and 2 extra beds are available to be folded down from the wall. If you are booking a Suite cabin, usually the 3rd and 4th person can be accommodated within a fold out sofa bed.

What type of Cabin should I book?

There is usually a few different types of cabins to choose on a cruise ship, however these differ depending on what ship you choose. The prices will differ depending on where the cabin is located and what amenities the cabin contains. For example, a cabin with no window will be cheaper than a cabin with a window.

There are usually 4 types of cabins to choose from when booking your cruise on a cruise ship. These are generally classed as: