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  • viking star gwhhfiexy Evergreen Cruises gwhhfiexy

    ksgsswaryitmr - viking star Cruise Review

    gwhhfiexy sailed with Evergreen Cruises onboard viking star in April, 2020

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  • Crystal Symphony vdujUNDEF Cruise & Maritime Voyages vdujUNDEF

    online pharmacy reviews ldfdUnsurgymos - Crystal Symphony Cruise Review

    vdujUNDEF sailed with Cruise & Maritime Voyages onboard Crystal Symphony in March, 2018

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  • Rotterdam bdklhfiexy Captain Cook Fiji Cruises bdklhfiexy

    ksgswarycuoc - Rotterdam Cruise Review

    bdklhfiexy sailed with Captain Cook Fiji Cruises onboard Rotterdam in April, 2018

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  • P&O - Pacific Explorer Cathy Daniels P&O Cruises Pacific explorer loyalty islands

    Oh Ship it’s a girls Trip - P&O - Pacific Explorer Cruise Review

    Cathy sailed with P&O Cruises onboard P&O - Pacific Explorer in July, 2019

    "Beautiful ship Awesome crew, waiters Bruno and Reymond were standouts so friendly and went out of their way to make our dining experience amazing. Food was awesome . Our cabin stewards were fantastic and we were very grateful for their assistance. Entertainment crew kept us laughing, loved the tutu dance off. My only complaint would be my shore tour in Lifou. I wanted to do vanilla plantation as my main goal was to purchase some vanilla products. Decided on cliff of johin tour which was great but we were unable to purchase any products as we didn’t go to vanilla house on this tour which is the only place on the island that sells the products, although description write up clearly stated we could buy products, so to us this tour was a waste and we left very disappointed. Tried to speak to tour desk but was always closed when we tried. All in all we had an amazing time and can’t wait to book our next holiday. "
  • Carnival Spirit Jo Bailey Carnival Cruises Carnival Spirit

    Carnival Spirit was amazing - Carnival Spirit Cruise Review

    Jo sailed with Carnival Cruises onboard Carnival Spirit in July, 2019

    "8 days to Noumea, Mare and Isle of Pines; such a wonderful time. First time cruising and Wong be the last. Amazing value for a family of five. Easy to book, service was top-notch. Thank you!"
  • P&O - Pacific Dawn Kerry Richardson P&O Cruises Comedy Cruise (this time)

    Pacific Dawn - P&O - Pacific Dawn Cruise Review

    Kerry sailed with P&O Cruises onboard P&O - Pacific Dawn in July, 2019

    "About the 14th time on this Ship. Love everything about it and the crew. But would be better with more seating. All areas. Show's need to be changed more often. "
  • P&O - Pacific Explorer Jen P&O Cruises P&O comedy cruise Sydney

    Never again with P&O or via Crazy Cruises - P&O - Pacific Explorer Cruise Review

    Jen sailed with P&O Cruises onboard P&O - Pacific Explorer in May, 2019

    "I’d been in a cruise before and saw lots of comedians, musicians and various things. This was a comedy cruise and very minimal limited shows and not even repeated shows so if you missed it one night as you booked dinner then too bad. Making dinner bookings was only recommended not necessary and morning of day 1 and all I could book was 1 dinner on the last night the rest were booked out already so had to eat from the crappy bar most times instead or pay a lot for an ok meal. My cruise contact called me asking if I had all my documents and to make sure I was ready. Well she called me as the boat was leaving the Doc and we travelled 4 hours to get to the boat so too darn bad if I didn’t have it all. "
  • Jewel Of The Seas Sheree Tautu Royal Caribbean Mediterranean

    Honest review - Jewel Of The Seas Cruise Review

    Sheree sailed with Royal Caribbean onboard Jewel Of The Seas in May, 2019

    "Overall we were happy and pleased with the cruise on the Jewel. A few things that would make this cruise amazing would be the beds. Our cabins were in level 4 do we know they were the cheap cabins. Rooms beautiful and spacious but he bed was horrible so hard and uncomfortable I actually got a sore back on the bed and tried different ways to sleep even opting to have the sofa cushion as an added mattress one night. I lost a lot of sleep due to the hardness of the bed. The entertainment onboard was lacking they need to have better musicians and have them play newer music not just the 40-60’s. They need to have more variety and use bigger venues like coral centre for themed nights etc so more seats available for guests instead of centrum. They need a bit more talent too for regulars on the bars they were just boring. Service was impeccable and great interaction with all guests for waitresses and waiters everywhere on the ship. We had a blast with Maria and mark our waiter at tides. They were so helpful and always do cheery to speak with us."
  • P&O - Pacific Explorer no stars at all P&O Cruises X922 4 days no ports up the coast and back

    Pacific Explorer - P&O - Pacific Explorer Cruise Review

    no sailed with P&O Cruises onboard P&O - Pacific Explorer in April, 2019

    "The first night in my cabin a disaster air conditioner in ceiling loose making a noise so loud I could not sleep I knew there was a blockage called down that night no answer when down stairs and laid down on outer deck and had a snooze the next day they the crew sent a crew member looking like a maintenance guy I told him to service the filters because that is why it was vibrating so loud he came back that day my second day interfering with my holiday I am requesting a refund for that evening from the travel agent then they can deal with P and O the opening for the air con was not sealed or secured after maintenance it did not have a secure screw installed hence it still rattled I tried to stop the rat-tell it just fell off then I discovered the maintenance guy had stuffed the line with sponge rubber I was disgusted this would create a fire hazard it was a little better but had to use ear plugs .Please advise this is a legit complaint thank you for asking level 9 cabin 9070"
  • P&O - Pacific Explorer C&J P&O Cruises Southern highlights

    P&O Pacific explorer - P&O - Pacific Explorer Cruise Review

    C&J sailed with P&O Cruises onboard P&O - Pacific Explorer in February, 2019

    "P&O staff are extremely friendly and helpful. Our cabin was small but comfortable and very clean. Overall an enjoyable cruise. One of the negative points for us was the food. If you like more traditional plain food this is NOT the ship for you. The other negative point was the layout of the theatre. It is small and the seats are not spaced or raised enough as it is difficult to see over anyone sat in front of you. We gave up going in to watch the shows. We booked through a Cruise Republic. Excellent company. Have used them for many years and can thoroughly recommend them. "