What type of Cabin should I book?

There is usually a few different types of cabins to choose on a cruise ship, however these differ depending on what ship you choose. The prices will differ depending on where the cabin is located and what amenities the cabin contains. For example, a cabin with no window will be cheaper than a cabin with a window.

There are usually 4 types of cabins to choose from when booking your cruise on a cruise ship. These are generally classed as:

  • Inside cabin - these are cabins that do not contain a window. Inside Cabins are usually the cheapest available options and are located in the interior hallway. The cabin is usually the same as the outside cabin, minus the window and hence a sensible chose for those on a budget.
  • Outside cabin - these are cabins usually the same size as the Inside cabin, however they will contain a window! This will allow you to see exactly what is going on outside and provide some natural light into the room. The Outside cabin is usually a litle more expensive than an Inside Cabin but may be worth it - if you like the feeling of a window in your room.
  • Balcony cabin - these are cabins with your very own private balcony. The floor size is usually the same as the inside cabin minus the balcony.
  • Suites - these are the most expensive cabins you can book on a cruise. They have their very own private balcony and contain extra features and an expansive size. The Suites are usually in high demand and are quick to sell out so it is advised to book early for these types of cabins.