Not so wonderful review on Pacific Explorer

P&O - Pacific Explorer
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February, 2018
Jacki Smith
P&O Cruises
Wasn't the greatest start to out very first cruise. When we boarded, all we could smell was sewerage stench. This stench was worse at our cabin. We went to the Pantry for lunch after we boarded. This was a massive "hot box" with minimal aircon and hundreds of other passengers doing the same thing at the same time! Why did crazy cruises give us time options of when to check in and board? Crazy Cruises lead me to believe that our 12.30pm check in was the earliest.It appeared at the terminal, it was everyone checking in and boarding when they felt like it. Naturally everyone would want to get on as early as possible to soak up the atmosphere and get a position to sail out of Sydney Harbour with the best view. The ship is quite dated. The Cruise itself was fine, the shows were ok, but a lot of miming to the songs. The staff weren't the happiest bunch, except for the Bingo guy. he made the cruise for me. His personality and sense of humour was outstanding. He's a big asset to P&O. We did experience on the first night the sewerage smellin our cabin, and it was extremely hard to go to sleep, we were just lucky that we had a balcony and could open the door. The smell was still there the next day but not as bad, and by the third day is had gone. I guess it could have been worse and the smell was through the entire boat. On the Saturday night upon returning to our cabin, we have information about our disemabkation for the cruise. We all need to be out of our cabins by 8am. Now Crazy Cruises asked us when booking, what time we'd like to get off, 9am or 10am. Why bother asking this when it's not the case. We certainly weren't going to wander around on the boat with our luggage in tow! On the Monday morning, disembarkation day, the entire ship was woken a 5am with an exercise drill call and the next call with the sounding beeps, we would all need to take our life jackets to out muster point. There was NO sounding beeps and so we decided to go to breakfast. There were passengers wandering around at breakfast with their life jackets just in case!!!! Crazy Cruises need to sharpen there act and get the facts right on what actually happens. We wouldn't do another 3 day cruise on the Pacific Explorer, other passengers have told us of better boats to go on with better things to do and entertainment. The main thing is we didn't get sea sick, or any gastro or flus that's a plus.

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