First Cruise - Pacific Jewel

P&O - Pacific Jewel
Island Hopper
January, 2019
Patricia Gilbert
P&O Cruises
I traveled with my 3 adult children, we had 2 x twin rooms. Both rooms were on the same floor but different corridors. We spent most of our time out and about on the ship so I was very happy with our inside stateroom and didn't feel that it was undersized or cramped at all. The cleaners were extremely professional in their approached to their daily chores and appeared to work long hours but were always cheerful and happy to answer any question or query a person might have. There was never a chance or reason to be bored or feel alone on the ship as there was always plenty of entertainment on offer. The entertainment team did an amazing job creating many different activities to suit all on board. They always appeared happy and interested in whatever they were presenting, which must be hard to do after cruising for 12 days. The food in 'The Pantry" was of a high standard and once again the staff serving at each counter were happy to accommodate the needs of each individual diner. The drinks waiters were very diligent and made it pleasant to request a drink and were able to memorize each persons order without any problems. The restaurants also offered amazing choices on their menus at very reasonable prices. The food at Salt Grill was always a very high standard. I am aware that we traveled during the school holiday period but I felt the under age children had almost uninterrupted freedom on the ship. It appeared they had activities designed for the under 18 age group but they were also able to attend the evening events. I felt this over loaded the meeting bars and created congestion for those people who were travelling without children but chose to also attend the same evening events. My suggestion would be to have a curfew for under 18. Overall I definitely enjoyed my first cruise and have already suggested cruising to many of my friends.

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