Top 9 Cruise Destinations in the World

Ever wondered what the most appealing cruise destinations in the world are? We have compiled a list of statistics from real passengers on what they thought were the best cruise destinations in the world.

The results are really no surprise, but we were a little peaved that Australia or the South Pacific did not get a mention. Is this because the industry is still growing down under, or were Australian's not even included in the statistics? Or is Australia just too far and costly to get to in the first place?

  1. Caribbean 43%
  2. Alaska 24%
  3. Bahamas 25%
  4. Hawaii 15%
  5. Meditteranean / Greek Islands / Turkey 14%
  6. Bermuda 11%
  7. Europe 9%
  8. Panama Canal 8%
  9. Mexico (West Coast) 8%

* Source: American Association of Port Authorities, Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association

I can definately see how the Caribbean is the most popular destination amongst travellers. With its numerous islands, cultures, and white sandy beaches it really is one of the worlds most beautiful places.

Now time to book my next cruise...where should I go? I'm thinking Alaska sounds pretty amazing and it is the second best cruise destination in the world - these figures don't lie!