Most relaxing cruise on the Pacific Explorer

Explorer Of The Seas
P & O Pacific Explorer South Pacific Islands
September, 2018
Jacqualine Stevenson
P&O Cruises
One of the best Holidays we’ve had. You can do as much or little as you please. The food in the Pantry, was your everyday cuisines. Average. The other restaurants were upmarket cuisine and not your everyday restaurant menu. You have plenty of choice throughout the whole ship for choice of food. If you can’t find anything you like, then I’d say your extremely fussy. The waterfront restaurant had the best breakfast. 99.8% of staff are exceptional. You could not ask for better service. The captain will not risk anyone’s life to attend an island if he feels it is unsafe. We missed mystery island, we were quite happy to have missed the rough seas in the tender boat that day. Staff don’t speak English so well, so be very very careful of the “Spa “ staff. I was caught out and felt very scammed by them, left me upset for a few days. When they say “free” does not mean “free” even when you ask four times to confirm. That would be my only bad taste, that I would never give my business to again. We had deck 9 in the middle. Absolutely the best cabin available. No window, and that was fine as we hardly spent any time in the room. 15year old son met other children through the kids club. He did say, something’s were a bit young for him. My 16 year old son, was very bored. Not a lot to do for 16/17 year olds. As I saw other kids the same age seeming to be in the same situation. Must do,, Lifou,, Jinket Bay. Make sure you book on cruise control as spots are limited. Port villa, Vanuatu, we loved Hideaway island, and posted a post card to the underwater post office, great for snorkelling. Loved the markets right at the dock. And our tour guide organised through FB was Bountiful Tours, private tour was fantastic. Isle of pines, we didn’t see any fish or coral here. Maybe a tour would take you somewhere to see the turtles etc. Nouméa, we did double decker bus through FB. Great tour. But maybe look at doing it early and then squeeze another different tour in the afternoon. If time allows.

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